In front of the field house, a small rock concert like atmosphere is brewing. On Friday Oct. 24, as part of the kick off to UMD’s 4 year fundraising campaign they hosted “light up the night”, an event full of music, fun and camaraderie. The message of the event is “get involved.” For many this seems counterintuitive, to them, our university is a commuter school. But the fact is there is so much more offered.

The night began with a culinary demonstration where Chef Pete Veach, assisted by UMD’s Women’s basketball coach Demytrius Ware, sought to demonstrate to the gathered public how to make cheap, fast, and healthy alternatives to Ramen and Easy mac.

While the culinary demo was going on, Coach Ware sought to inform the gathered public of the first home game for the women’s basketball team. The team will be playing Spring Arbor next Saturday at 1 pm.

Pete Veach is the exec chef of Culinary Innovations, a local caterer that specializes in a number of healthy food choices. For more information on Culinary Innovations email Veach at or visit

The recipes they made and other similar items can be found on the MHealthy website, which is a school sponsored initiative to improve the health of students offering personal training services, healthy meals, work out plans, and other things. The website is
The next act to take the stage was the first of several music acts. A man named Max Lencl; he is an acoustic guitarist who has just released his first album “Some Guy With a Guitar” on ITunes. He performed seven songs, three covers, and four originals. You can find his music at

As Max left the stage, the Dearborn Big Band [link 4] began to set up the stage.They are a 15 piece swing orchestra, dressed in black suits with various colored ties. They played a set of around 10 songs from the greats of the genre including; Glenn Miller and Clarence Williams. For more information on the Dearborn Big Band, please visit

The Dearborn Big Band is led by Don McAlpine, each piece had its crescendo punctuated by Mr. McAlpine physically standing up and using his entire body to direct the high notes.

What followed next was a Beatnik Poetry slam. Five poets from Lyceum took the stage, and they covered a number of different topics, ranging from relationships to identity. Each performer gave an impassioned performance. The Lyceum’s website is

What followed was a selection of local bands including, About Falling; a 4 piece Piano Pop band, All Systems Go; a 4 piece pop-punk alternative-rock band, and Aaron Buckley, a DJ specializing in Electronica, Dubstep and Techno. For more information on About Falling or All Systems Go, you can visit their Facebook pages at and

“You should utilize all the tools at your disposal to make something great,” said Andrew Laich, drummer of All Systems Go and mechanical engineering student.

While the festival was directed more towards present students, over at the IAVS building, a number of student speakers were presenting to a group of Alumni and potential investors, sharing their experiences helping them to understand what this university means to them.
Each of the students; alumni and otherwise, expressed the importance getting involved in school.

“Out of everything you learn in school, only half of that is learned in the classroom,” said Kyle Milliman, a mechanical engineering student.
“We are much more than a commuter campus, we are a community,” said Miriam Bukhsh, an alumni who graduated earlier this year.

University of Michigan Dearborn has over 180 student organizations, a list of which can be found at
The university also has 18 sports teams ranging from Basketball to Bowling. A list can be found at

Each week there are often 10 or more events covering a range of topics, you need only look and you’ll see a number of fliers advertising them or you could go onto the university’s Event calendar which can be found at http://eventcalendar.umd.

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