By SAJA ALMUSAWI, Guest Writer maher-affleck

There is a video that started circulating a few weeks ago of a TV commentary segment with host Bill Maher and guest speaker’s libertarian Sam Harris and actor Ben Affleck. I would like to thank Ben Affleck for defending the religion and speaking the truth. I was shaking as I watched the video; I was shocked. I was sad to see how now the most hated group of people in this country are the Muslims.

Bill Maher is a terrible representative of liberalists. Liberalists are not like that. You believe in freedom, in the Bill of Rights, then actually listen to what you believe in! He is an Islamophobe, yet he believes in “freedom of religion?” Yeah right.

I am a Muslim woman, and this infuriates me. I was born in this country, and I am a practicing Muslim. Not a terrorist, not a jihadist, not a conservative, not a whatever the hell of a type of stereotypical Muslim they mentioned in this video.

Let me set the record by saying you do not get killed for leaving the religion of Islam. Nowhere does it say that. If anything, the Quran says that only God is Just and knows what everyone is going through and he will be the final judger. That’s it. Every Muslim country has non-Muslims living in it, so I don’t want to hear that argument.

For example, there are Christians living in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Jordan, etc. Have there been people killed because they left the religion? Probably. Does Islam accept this? Absolutely not. It says in the Quran if you take the life of any person, there is a special place for you in Hell (unless you are defending yourself and would die yourself if you don’t fight back).

All religion is perfect, but not all believers are. Has there been other people killed for leaving their religion? Yes. Yet how come no one ever mentions that?

People always use the argument that if we aren’t allowed to practice our religion in Muslim countries then “they [Muslims]” can’t practice their religion in ours [America].”  I don’t mean to be a smart aleck, but America guaranteed the freedom of religion when this country was established. That is why the Puritans came to this land, to escape religious persecution (yes they were being prosecuted because of their beliefs, and look they aren’t muslims).

Those “Muslim” countries don’t really owe you anything. If you want to go there and practice your own religion, do so at your own free will. Don’t let me stop you. It may be dangerous. But guess what. Those Muslim country leaders that don’t allow people to practice their own religions are doing that because of either culture or they are stupid idiots to begin with. Not because of Islam.

If they start to quote verses, know it is a mistranslation twisted for their own personal use. Not because of Islam. If they say the Holy Prophet said this, know these sayings are fabricated and untrue. Not because of Islam. If you truly understand the principles of this religion you will realize it is based on peace.

There are so many radical groups who take pieces from the Torah and Bible and twist them for their own use and have used them to allow slavery, take women’s rights, etc. If anything, Islam was the first religion of its time, of the century, to give women rights.

I have never felt freer as a woman with a Hijab (covering my hair). I don’t shy away from men because I am dressed modestly, and I look them in the eye so they can judge me based on my thoughts rather than appearance. I drive. I go to university. I chose to wear a scarf. My parents allow me to follow my dreams. If I wanted to convert to another religion, they won’t kill me. I’m free. So tell me again how I’m oppressed?




  1. Yeah…right.

    A beheading in Woolwich, a suicide bomb in Beijing, a blown-up marathon in
    Boston, a shooting in the head of a young Pakistani girl seeking education, a
    destroyed shopping mall in Nairobi – and so it continues, in the name of Islam,
    from south London to Timbuktu. It is time to take stock, especially on the
    left, since these things are part of the world’s daily round.

    Leave aside the parrot-cry of “Islamophobia” for a moment. I will return to
    it. Leave aside, too, the pretences that it is all beyond comprehension.
    “Progressives” might ask instead: what do Kabul, Karachi, Kashmir, Kunming and
    a Kansas airport have in common? Is it that they all begin with “K”? Yes. But
    all of them have been sites of recent Islamist or, in the case of Kansas, of
    wannabe-Islamist, attacks; at Wichita Airport planned by a Muslim convert ready
    to blow himself up, and others, “in support of al-Qaeda in the Arabian
    Peninsula”. “We cannot stop lone wolves,” a British counterterrorism expert
    told us after Woolwich. Are they “lone”? Of course not.

    A gas facility in southern Algeria, a hospital in Yemen, an Egyptian police
    convoy in the Sinai – it’s complex all right – a New Year’s party in the
    southern Philippines, a railway station in the Caucasus, a bus terminal in
    Nigeria’s capital, and on and on, have all been hit by jihadis, with hostages
    taken, suicide belts detonated, cars and trucks exploded, and bodies blown to
    bits. And Flight MH370? Perhaps. In other places – in Red Square and Times
    Square, in Jakarta and New Delhi, in Amman and who-knows-where in Britain –
    attacks have been thwarted. But in 2013 some 18 countries got it in the neck
    (so to speak) from Islam’s holy warriors….

  2. Islam is indeed a crime against humanity, and its first victims are Muslims.
    I think that is why Muslims are so quick and ready to assume victimhood. On a
    subconscious level, they feel victimized, but in their search for the cause of
    their discomfort they incorrectly identify colonialism, crusades, Jews, racism,
    and so forth as the cause.

    For a Muslim to face up to the reality of Islam and to admit to oneself that
    Islam is the problem means to lose one’s identity. Hence the cognitive
    dissonance Muslims experience when Islam is called into question. Hence the
    scrambling for excuses and explanations that can convince the Muslims
    themselves that Islam is not the problem. And the explanations tend to be
    colonialism, crusades, Jews, racism, and so forth.

    When cultural Muslims refer to spurious arguments by Islamic apologists as a
    counterargument to brush aside direct quotes from the Qur’an and the hadiths,
    it is not that they are deliberately trying to to deceive the non-Muslims. They
    are desperately clinging to the hope that Islam is not the problem. When they
    repeat the talking points of Islamic apologists explaining how Islam is a
    religion of peace, their primary aim is to convince (delude) themselves and
    make the cognitive dissonance go away at least momentarily, which then removes
    the immediate threat to their identity and postpones the inevitable

    Unlike most of the Muslim world, Turkey is a country where, thanks to
    militantly secularist strains, there are more Muslims who are not completely
    enslaved by their Muslim identity. That gives slightly more breathing space for
    the individual to break the chains of Islam. Nonetheless, it still means you
    have to turn your back on large parts of your cultural heritage and family.
    Families in any culture have members who seek to enforce tradition. In Muslim
    cultures the conservative members of the family are enforcers of Muslim
    identity, which brings along with it the whole can of worms that is the Qur’an
    and the hadiths.

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