Becca Carley (5) shares a moment with Megan Ynclan (9) during senior night. (Ricky Lindsay/MJ)
Becca Carley (5) shares a moment with Megan Ynclan (9) during senior night. (Ricky Lindsay/MJ)
Becca Carley (5) shares a moment with Megan Ynclan (9) during senior night. (Ricky Lindsay/MJ)

By VERONICA RATES, Staff Reporter

For Rebecca Carley and Megan Ynclan, their volleyball career and close friendship started far before coming to the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

The duo dates back to their freshman year of high school at Wyandotte Roosevelt High School, where they graduated from in 2011.

Their chemistry through the game of volleyball created the tight-knit bond between the two players. They were both the only sophomores brought onto the varsity team at Wyandotte, and their friendship grew from there.

“When we were sophomores we really relied on each other,” said Ynclan.

The duo became a huge key in their team’s success throughout their years in high school.

Being one of the two youngest players on the team, a sense of trust was created.

“We had to kind of build our confidence off of each other,” said Carley.

Confidence was key, and it paid off well. When they were going into their senior year at Wyandotte, both Ynclan and Carley were voted as team co-captains.

The two originally didn’t have plans to attend college together, despite being close friends. Ynclan had planned to go to Marygrove College to play volleyball, but then committed to UM-Dearborn the same year Carley did.

Both chose the University of Michigan-Dearborn because of education. Ynclan being a Journalism and Screen Studies major, and Carley majoring in psychology.

“It’s a very strong relationship. They support each other on the court, off the court,” said UM-Dearborn head volleyball coach Eric Stark. “I think they just lift each other up. They have each other’s backs when it comes down to it.”

Carley and Ynclan have built a bond through volleyball and it shows. After ritual dance parties before a game, to getting serious on the court, the two never hold back.

“How we talk on the court now, I would never talk to anybody else like the way I talk to Meg,” Carley said.

Although they might seem hard on each other, the two are always there to call the open gaps and right blocks.

Closing the chapter to their final season playing together, there are a lot of mixed emotions for Ynclan and Carley, both feeling bittersweet about it. But the duo doesn’t want to put the game of volleyball behind them forever, planning to join leagues in the years to come.

Ynclan, athletically a junior, has one last season of eligibility to play, but hasn’t decided if she wants to suit up for a senior season.

For the love of the game and the start of their friendship, volleyball has been more than just a game to Ynclan and Carley.