Tiffany Mann manages the bake sale to help raise funds for her group: Public Relation Student Society of America

By Adriana Troka
Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) held a bake sale from 10am to 5pm. Not only is the PRSSA is a student organization at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, they are nationally known as well.

PRSSA meetings are held every other week on Wednesdays between 5 and 6 pm at either the University Center or the Fairlane Center South building. The meetings cover various topics about public relations, the New York Times, and various topics on journalism and marketing.

PRSSA holds resume workshops for students that are pursuing careers in other fields such as engineering. Last year, students from the UM-Dearborn attended a branding workshop with students from Eastern University and Wayne State University. The branding workshop helped students with a way they can present themselves to different companies.

The workshop also included resume building.

According to Tiffany Mann, the secretary of PRSSA, “the workshops are really helpful in helping me making connections and networking with possible future employees.” Tiffany is a senior, and she is graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and a Public Relations certificate.

PRSSA campaigns for companies like, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Red Kettle, and the Salvation Army. The PRSSA has fundraised and donated money to both of these companies.

PRSSA also attends various conferences followed by company tours, or agency tours, and meet and greet with the company leaders. PRSSA is hoping to raise enough money for a trip to a Pistons game.