Photo Courtesy of ECO

By Craig Henderson
Student Life Editor

Ever since the Student Environmental Association disbanded a few years ago, marketing chair, Seth McRobb and his associates decided that UM-Dearborn should have a new environmental association called ECO.

According to Co-President Jennifer Zavalnitskaya, ECO is not an acronym. It precedes an environmental term or initiative. “It incorporates our organization’s mission to connect ourselves to campus, community, and earth to improve environmental conditions and sustainability for all.”

Zavalnitskaya says with her organization, she hopes to see environmental impacts all around our community, and for UM-Dearborn campus specifically she says, “We hope to implement and improve initiatives such as recycling, composting, and other ways to make our campus more environmentally friendly.”

She also hopes ECO can work as a bridge to reach out and educate about global issues impacting the environment and what people can do about it.

McRobb says ECO has several projects lined up already such as: getting recyclable plates in the cafeteria and compost bins (for apple cores and banana peels). In order to save energy, they will be working with Karsten Szajner to achieve a system that turns off the lights when there is enough sunlight coming into a room. ECO is also trying to receive funding for reusable water bottles with the U of M logo on it along with their logo.

McRobb says, “Our goal is to make our campus more sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as providing educational and nature-related volunteer opportunities for the students.”

He also says ECO wishes to see more trees and wild flowers planted around the empty grasses areas around campus and also plans to set facts around campus.

President Zavalnitskaya says that all the paperwork has been submitted for processing and will be recognized soon. Regardless, she says they are already becoming active.

For students looking for a position regarding an environmental organization, McRobb says that there are not any openings available, however; they could use assistance.

“I understand students can be busy with school, but I think increasing education, awareness of the states of the environment would help encourage more people to get involved which is one of the reasons we want to put out more posters around campus,” McRobb says.

ECO’s first meeting will take place on Nov. 18 at 1 p.m..

Check out ECO, and keep updated at and on their Facebook page as well: