Alumni (Yellow) and Students (Blue) pose for a group picture.

By Craig Henderson
Student Life Editor

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, current students and Alumni met on a cold and cloudy day to play for the Maize and Blue Bowl on the field in front of the science building.

The students (Blue), led by quarterback Joey Alaouieh, took back their winning streak that was snapped last year with a 33-28 victory over the alumni team. Team Alumni (Maize) was steered by CASL 2012 graduate quarterback, Anwar Beydoun.

Beydoun says, “Being a quarterback for the Alumni team is a huge honor and privilege. I enjoy throwing the football around with my teammates. I was quarterback for it last year and the previous year as well. It’s kind of a knack I enjoy doing.”

Despite the loss, Beydoun says his team played really good. However, he continues with saying that they did not complete a play at the end. “Other than that, it was a really good game,” he said. “Both teams played really well, and it was a good time.”

The Blue team was coached by former Black Student Union (BSU) President, Gerard Roberson, and Alumni, Tom Willie coached the Maize team.

Roberson shared his thoughts too. “I really think we did well. The students stuck in there and grounded it out. I definitely have to give courtesy to the students on the defense, offense and special teams.”

Roberson also showed consideration for his teammates when he made a rule which stated that anyone who had already scored a touchdown, needed to let someone else play so they would get an equal opportunity to score one as well.

“I wanted to make sure all the students go out there and have fun,” he said. This was Roberson’s first time as the captain of the Students.

Student player, Dashamir Fejza intercepted a pass from the yellow team, turning the tables in the game before half time, keeping the game tied.

BSU Vice-President, Jerel Jones was a spectator from the sidelines and comments with, “For a flag football game, this was very intense.”

Athletics Director, Matt Beaudry participated with the coin toss, and Dymetrius Ware and Chris Haltinner, UM-Dearborn’s women’s basketball and hockey head coaches, respectively, were referees for the bowl.

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Eva Gogola says, “I think this game was very successful, and everyone had a lot of fun. There were some good competitive spirit out there, and I was very happy to get the athletics staff involved.”

Despite how quick the game went, 2007 Alumni Ryan Schreiber says, “It was a blast; it is always fun to come out, and play against the students. There is a ton of energy, and it is always nice to have the other students here cheering people on as well as visiting campus and reconnecting with people.”

A few of the key players on the students’ team, who scored touchdowns were Jewell Jones, Will Claybrooks , Zaid Hussein, and Michael Gluth.