By ASHLEY PRESTON, Staff Writer 

The sting of the loss to Michigan State went well into the following week with talk of the stake being driven into the ground at Spartan Stadium. Brady Hoke, head football coach,  assured that Joe Bolden (the one who planted the stake) would not receive any penalty. I’m not sure why it even became such an issue; rivalries warrant taunting and hype. Apparently the “Ann Arbor theatrics” aren’t okay for Little Brother, not even when they are the ones winning the games.

With more negativity lingering around the Michigan Athletic Department, more pressure was put onto Dave Brandon to call it a day.

An anonymous alumni donated 2,000 white t-shirts to the student section that read “We support The Team The Team The Team #FIREDAVEBRANDON” to be worn to the Homecoming Indiana game at The Big House. Also confusing, considering boycotting was the plan of action a few games back. Where’s The TEAM support there? An email was even sent out to signers of the petition to fire Michigan athletic director David Brandon that encouraged all attendees to wear white. The plan coined the name “White Out, Dave Out.”

dave brandon   On Friday, Oct. 31, in the early afternoon, Michigan’s Athletic Director of about four and a half years resigned, with Jim Hackett to take over as interim Athletic Director. University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel said that he and Brandon had talked and agreed with his decision to resign.

On Saturday, a brisk one at that, Michigan matched up against Indiana. With a strong lead after the first quarter and an embarrassing field goal attempt by Indiana, the final score of the game was 34-10, Michigan. And since “Dave’s Out” there wasn’t much of a “White Out” at the Big House.

The spirits of fans across the nation were lifted this weekend with Brandon’s resignation and a W to chalk up on the board.

With the Athletic Director gone and the Interim in place, there’s a lot to be speculated for Hoke’s job. Almost anyone I’ve asked wants him gone. I think fate might give Hoke another year.

Depending on how long it takes President Mark Schlissel, who claims he is going to take his time because he has “excellence in mind”, to find a permanent Athletic Director, Brady could be staying put for awhile. No coach is going to want to commit to Michigan without knowing who the permanent Athletic Director is going to be. That’s the coach’s boss. He’s going to want to know what he’s up against.

For now, Hoke and his team celebrate a win over the Hoosiers and look to improve for their next game at Northwestern.