The Victors for Michigan Campaign has been in the news a lot recently and for good reason. It is the largest campaign in the University’s history.
For those who are not yet familiar with the campaign here is a recap.

The campaign officially launched on Oct. 24. However, the behind the scenes work on the campaign began back in July 2011, with money being raised prior to the public announcement of the campaign. This is a $50 million dollar campaign that is targeted to “be beneficial to the top priorities, of the University as they were established by faculty, students, and alumni,” according to Kevin McAlpine, the Senior Director of Development at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

The top priorities that were established are: to guarantee that a diverse group of students will be able to study at University of Michigan by providing necessary financial support, to transform the Michigan education by extending academic learning and excellence from the classrooms into real world experiences that get students into a creative mind set, and to serve the public good by collaborating on bold new ideas to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

The money needed to set these priorities in motion comes in a variety of ways. Donations, mail cards, phone calls, and online giving links are all an essential part of the campaign. In addition to money, people have also donated their time, talent, and advice. As of Oct. 28, 209,000 people had donated to the cause.

McAlpine explained some of the immediate effects of the donations “The generous large cash gifts will be utilized for classrooms and scholarships that are being put into place.”

While the immediate effects will greatly assist the University, the long term effects are just as important. All donations that are made allow the University to keep the price of tuition down. Even though the price may seem high to some students, the University of Michigan has one of the lowest increase rates in tuition.

Not only does the campaign provide financial support to the University but it also creates a sense of pride and achievement in everyone involved. The name of the campaign “Victors for Michigan” is the idea that members of the Michigan “family” continually try to make an impact on the world and by donating, individuals are showing their pride in the U of M tradition.

The campaign is tentatively set to end in 2018 and provides a fantastic celebration kick-off for the universities bicentennial celebration!