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By Matthew Lemmer, Guest Writer

Over the weekend I went to the movie theater to see “John Wick” with a couple of my friends. I had hardly heard of the movie and had only seen one trailer, but going into it I had high expectations for a fun action thriller and was not disappointed.

John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, is a former hit-man that managed to get out of the business and settle down, get married, and buy a house. However, the job seems to follow him as a few thugs do some rather awful things and take everything from him that has any meaning in his life.

The thugs had no idea who they were messing with and, when their boss found out who they had disturbed, he ordered for reinforcements; he knew that Wick was coming for them. Here we see John Wick gathering up all of his gear and getting ready to strike back against his attackers. At this point in the movie, the high-octane violence riddled revenge mission ensues and does not let up until the end of the movie.

The plot for this movie was unsurprisingly simple, but that’s ok, because I went to the movie to watch some bad guys get beat up, not get blown away by the amazing story.

I was not disappointed as this movie had everything from realistic fighting sequences to bullet filled firefights. One of the things that I found to be most satisfying was oddly enough one of the smaller details of the movie, but they actually had John Wick reload his gun! I don’t know how many movies I’ve seen where action stars have seemingly bottomless bullet clips and can fire their gun endlessly for the entirety of the 93-minute run time.

This movie was full of small satisfying details like this, and one of them was the much needed element of occasional humor, which complimented the story nicely and made for a much more enjoyable movie going experience.

Another thing that I appreciated about this movie was how clean it was by way of sexual content. Usually when I see an R- rating slapped unto a movie, I expect to see copious amounts of nudity and have everything become over sexualized. I was very pleasantly surprised, however with this movie.There were some women dressed in some tight, slightly revealing clothing in a small part in the movie, but aside from that there was nothing else sexual about the movie.

The directors found a way to make a good movie without relying on sex to sell tickets! The movie is not without its pitfalls though, as there is a lot of foul language throughout. Aside from that, this movie was generally very clean. 

So walking away from this movie I have learned three things. One, is that despite catching a lot of flak throughout his career, Keanu Reeves can play an action hero really well. Two, is that apparently there is a hotel for hit-men to come sleep at, while they are put on the job! And finally three, is that the action movie genre is not dead and, if I can say one thing about this movie, it’s that it was wildly entertaining, and I’d recommend it to anybody looking to have a good time!

I give this movie a very solid nine out of 10.