By ANGIE KRUEGER, Guest Writer 

Am I just being overly critical, or are people actually taking and posting more and more pictures lately? From engagement pictures—save the money for the wedding—to bare-belly maternity pictures—save the money for the baby—it has just gotten to be ridiculous. But that’s not even the real problem.

You see, it’s obvious that a lot of people are just dying to post pictures of themselves on social media. Sure, you could give the argument that the couple that is engaged is just excited to be married, and the couple that is having the baby is just so eager for their buddle of joy to arrive. However, it’s not that simple.

You can give people in those scenarios the benefit of the doubt, but what about those who post pictures everyday? Their only “legitimate” excuse to post their pictures depends on what day of the week it is and the hashtag that corresponds. Here’s how it works…


How many times have you been watching T.V., reading a magazine, or browsing the Internet, when all of the sudden, you spot your man crush? You get excited, don’t you? You want to take a snapshot of him so you can share all his good looks with all your friends on all your social media pages. Don’t worry, Mondays aren’t all bad; Mondays are the one day you can get away with posting that random stranger’s photo on your Instagram, hence Man Crush Monday.

Maybe you got a new haircut, maybe you lost weight, or gained muscle tone; maybe you want to show off the new you, but you don’t go ANYWHERE and no one is EVER going to see you, lucky for you, today is Transformation Tuesday. A day set aside each week to pay tribute to the new you. Thanks to Transformation Tuesday you can now post those bathroom selfies of you with your shirt off before and after your three-month gym-kick.

Hump day of course brings Woman Crush Wednesday. That means all those guys who already have a half-naked model, actress, or recording artist on their phone’s lock screen, only have to take a few moments to make it an official woman crush and post it to social media.

If you went to your grandma’s house and found a cute pic of you and your siblings as children, or maybe just a drunken prom night selfie with your best friend from your old phone, well then it’s going to have to wait until Thursday. Tell your drunken prom self that it’s not Thirsty Thursday anymore, it’s Throwback Thursday—a day for remembrance. Also, piggybacking on Throwback Thursday is Flashback Friday, just in case you couldn’t get it together for Thursday.

Weird as it may be, there is no record of a Saturday themed photo gone viral. My best guess is it’s because everyone is too busy over the weekend to post pictures, because no one actually wants to actively waste their weekend. Although that’s just my theory, giving all of these amateur photographers the benefit of the doubt for some reason. But who knows, maybe one day there will be a creative weekend themes like Food Friday—featuring all kinds of meals and snacks—or maybe even a Sweetheart Saturday, when everyone can post date night pictures. Oh, the future is intriguing.

I didn’t forget about Sunday, I was just saving the best for last. Just because Sundays are a day of rest, does not mean we get a rest from all of these images, in fact, it’s much, much worse. With Sunday comes a day of selfies; yes, Selfie Sunday is a thing. So that means if you want to take pictures of yourself, you’d better do it in your Sunday best—and then of course post the picture on Sunday.

So there you go, six hashtags to give reason why our generation is full of a bunch of self-absorbed, “like”-hungry people, who spend way too much time planning their next upload.