By Craig Henderson, Student Life Editor

The Intelligent System Club (ISC) is a student run organization that focuses on innovation through engineering while building intellectual systems that can operate pursue tasks that involve providing a service or finding its way through an obstacle course.

The ISC visits three different kinds of competitions, such as the Autonomous Snowplow competition, the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC), and the MATE International ROV Competition. President of ISC Ben Pollatz says his team won second place in the IGVC out of 30 participating teams.

Considering the club is meant for majors in electrical, computer, software and program engineering, Pollatz says his Club welcomes all majors. Currently, Pollatz says they are seeking out business majors.

“While the university has been very generous to us, we do not want to continue to take advantage of their generosity,” Pollatz says on the reason on recruiting business students. He continues, “We want to try and see if we can show our products to outside companies and show them that we are developing real technology.”

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Robotics club recruiting techniques involves showing their robots around campus as well as going to classes and advertising.

Pollatz says the club is 20 members strong and says that this club has benefited him with a lot of experience. “I have gotten great practical experience while being part of the ISC. I can apply what is learned in the classroom into club activities. It gives me the opportunity to gain real world experience,” said Pollatz.

He plans on developing working seminars about how to program and operate software in general. Pollatz is a junior and is currently majoring in Robotics Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

For information on the competitions and the Intelligent Systems Club, visit or email