BY ZAKIYA AHMED, Guest Writer 

Anyone else feeling the winter blues? Well it’s that time of the year again, where the days are shorter, and you’re left with nothing but your thoughts at 2 a.m.—because you simply can’t sleep!

I noticed many changes in behaviors on campus, from fewer smiles, to more cranky people trying to cram studying in for finals. As soon as daylight savings occurred, it seemed as if people wanted to go out less and weren’t in the mood to go for any festivities. In some cases, this may be normal; however it can also be a cry for help.

There are many students that may be affected by a depression called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. It’s a depression where you have less motivation and have a tendency to be more irritable. SAD occurs in people around the beginning of fall, to the middle of spring. It’s the hardest time to be able to focus on projects, and you also have less energy.


During midterm week, people like me struggle to stay on track. As a freshman, I was thrilled to begin college, only to be aware of how difficult it is to transition. I thought it would be the best time of my life, only to realize that it’s rigorous academically and hard to make new friends. And ever since daylight savings occurred, I found myself getting off track even more!

Some students that often suffer from SAD, find themselves losing sleeping and sometimes also think of suicide as an option. The percentage of committing suicide between November and April within college students is above average for many reasons; because of the dark gloomy days that make everyone just feel sluggish, to not being able to spend holidays with their family because they are stuck on campus.

But on the bright side, there are many simple ways to put an end to the over/under sleeping, the tiredness, and also the irritability. There are ultraviolet lights that you can buy from stores near you that can help with your biological clock. Which means more light in your room, the better your day will begin! It’ll let your brain know that it’s morning and it’s time to get up. Some peoples’ bodies tend get confused about the time changing, so that minor change can make a big difference.

You can also take doses of melatonin for your sleeping schedule so you’re not awake at 3 a.m. trying to put your life together because you can’t fall asleep! Along with these simple steps, you can also share your thoughts and feelings with a close friend or family member. That honestly helps tremendously!

So if it’s the winter blues, or you think you’re on the edge of suffering from seasonal affective disorder, always know that there is a way out!