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By Melissa Ann Trotter, Guest Writer

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Life, once it’s written it is finished…

Life just as a book, once it’s written it is finished;

With each letter written, it is a step;
Perhaps a step towards something better;

Each word, a breath;

Each sentence, a moment;
A moment you can’t get back;

As it has already passed;

Each page, a new day;

Choose your letters, words and punctuation carefully;
Be sure to watch out for run on sentences.

Because each chapter is the ending and beginning of something big!

Proofread, but don’t re-read!

Perhaps life is to be written and not spoken;

So I’ve heard, “Silence is Golden.”

Always remember, once it’s written it is finished.

Don’t waste too much time stuck on a word, sentence, page or make a chapter too long, so not to confuse.

As you might not have time to proofread and rewrite it the way you wanted.

For at any time God can take back his pen.

Remember, You are allowed to write your life.

Whether it be as a story, novel, or most importantly as a poem.

Write each new day the way you’d like it to finish.