By Ghadeer Alaradi, Student Life Editor 

Circle K is an international organization on campus dedicated to community service, leadership development, and is a friendship organization.

The motto of Circle K is to bring members of the community together and get them more involved through visiting and touring various organizations.

The impact of each member and all organizations have with each other within the larger community is important. Circle K helps students realize each member is responsible for what happens in their community.

For this semester, students should be on the lookout for fundraisers that are being planned.

Friday, Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. in the Field House is the wheelchair basketball game with the Detroit Diehards from the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM). It costs $10 to play, and all proceeds go to RIM’s adapted sports programs.

“We want to get more involved on campus so that people can hear about us and come volunteer with us when they can,” said Teiana McGahey, the President of Circle K.

Circle K also plans on expanding their knowledge about the Dearborn and Detroit communities.

“I think that going directly into the some of the city’s problem areas can show us what needs to be done to help out,” said McGahey. “I believe that this group can help foster some really effective leaders.

Circle K currently has 12 paid members, and they are always looking for more.

One of Circle K’s most successful events is the “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” fundraiser around Halloween. Circle K members left change collectors and raised over $200 for neonatal tetanus vaccines.

Members also got a chance to volunteer with over 15 different areas around the state including the Dearborn Animal Shelter, Penrickton Center, Starfish Family Services, etc.

Another event held by Circle K was volunteering with PB&J in Detroit. Members woke up at 5 a.m. to pass out lunch bags to those in need.

“I remember it was so cold outside but the people we handed lunch bags to were so friendly and so grateful, and the whole morning was just really eye opening,” said McGahey.

“We all felt sure that there were so many things that need fixing, and of course still do, and I think that really sparked something that still keeps us looking for more,” said McGahey.

It is extremely important for McGahey and the organization to look at the bigger picture and think about others sometimes rather than themselves.

“We get to learn so much, and we all do it together, so everything together just makes it all really powerful,” said McGahey.

Anyone can attend the volunteering events; they do not have to be a member of Circle K. If anyone is interested in joining Circle K, contact McGahey at tmcgahey@umich.edu.

Meetings are on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in 1225 UC, and anyone is welcome to stop by.