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By Desiree Hoy, Staff Writer

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Lena Dunham is being called the voice of our generation, and if you’ve seen her HBO show “GIRLS”, you’d immediately understand why her voice speaks volumes. As the co-creator, screenwriter, and main character of the show, the world has grown quite fond of Dunham. The basis of the show is watching a girl from East Lansing, Mich. try to make it as a writer in the Big Apple. One of the highlights of the whole series is watching Dunham’s character (who is obliviously narcissistic) constantly struggle to make her friendships better.

Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, consistently forces herself into different crazy scenarios in order to have life experiences to cover for her book. The honesty of the characters create a “Real Life, Real World” effect that the audience finds to be corky, genius, and just absolutely hilarious. And talk about love life… the show also offers a different perspective of love that will strike you to your core. I quote Adam Driver; Dunham’s love interest in the show, “If you died my world blur, I wouldn’t know what a tree was.”

There’s no doubt that Dunham is the driving force behind the show’s success because of her literary talent. Amongst other awards, Dunham has numerous Emmy nominations and has won two Golden Globes.

According to an article by Hadley Freeman for The Guardian, “Lena Dunham Exposes All, Again”, due to the success of the show Dunham was offered 3.7 million by Random House Publications for her autobiography. The book, “Not That Kind of Girl”, is her tell-all about life- learned lessons and coming into her own. The book shows off sexuality in a “Sex in the City” kind of manner which reassures every woman, through self-acceptance, that eventually everything will be okay. Although, there has been criticism for her feminist views, Dunham’s book widely received high reviews.

As a fan of the show, I personally found the book to be very entertaining and gusty. It gave me an automatic back story on Dunham’s character in the show who, in reality, are one in the same. The fourth season of “GIRLS” just aired Sunday, Jan. 11. The show will continue its regularly scheduled Sunday nights at 9 p.m. eastern-time on HBO.

During every season of “GIRLS”, quotes from the show are constantly trending on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, you name it! Social media is absolutely obsessed with the profoundly honest, yet hilarious things the characters say. Quotes like, “I don’t want to freak you out, but I think that I might be the voice of my generation, or at least a voice of a generation.”, or ” When you just send me a text that’s all emoji’s it’s very easy to dismiss you… A panda, next to a gun, next to a wrapped gift… It makes no sense.”

I think most women of our generation will find this show to be very relatable and cunning in its efforts. My personal favorite quote is “A friendship between college girls is grander, and more dramatic than any romance.” Everyone knows that your college years are about finding yourself, but in the process, if you’re lucky, you also find amazing life-long friends. What better name to call them, other than your “GIRLS?”

  • TG

    “The world has grown quite fond of Dunham”

    No, no it hasn’t. She destroyed the reputation of an innocent man thanks to her sloppy writing. She demonizes people who don’t agree with her viewpoints and then plays the victim when she’s called out on it. I’m tired of hearing people say that “she’s the voice of our generation”. If she is, then may God help us all!

  • Alia

    this is satire right? She is a liar and had a very strange relationship with her sister among other things.