SAB Members recruit Spy Wars agents on the UC stage.
SAB Members recruit Spy Wars agents on the UC stage.

By Ghadeer Alaradi, Student Life Editor

The Student Activities Board (SAB) set up a registration table on Wednesday, Jan. 14 on the University Stage from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. to recruit players for Spy Wars.

For the first time on campus, Spy Wars is a game that consists of players eliminating their targets using plastic spoons, while avoiding the players targeting them.

“The idea was mentioned to us before from our advisor,” said Matthew Myers, the chairman of the game and president of SAB. “We got inspiration from other SAB organizations, and we changed it to fit our campus.”

Players who registered received a three-page rulebook, where they can learn about the rules of the game, which will continue until mid-March.

The weapon of choice is a plastic spoon, and in order for a player to eliminate a target, they must touch them with the scoop side of the spoon.

“Since we are sponsored by the University, the weapon of choice is a plastic spoon,” said Myers.

The detailed rulebook includes Safe Zones, which are areas where players cannot eliminate other players. Safe Zones include, classes in session, living spaces, bathrooms, places of worship, stairwells, etc.

“This year we’re hoping to get around 100 students, hopefully 200,” said Myers.

Students who register for the game will be assigned randomly to four different agencies. In each agency, there will be a Director and a Chairman that will oversee everything.

The Director of each agency assigns targets to each player, and no one else is allowed to eliminate that target but the assigned agent. Agents will be receiving emails about their assigned target, and will be given a new target within 24 hours of an elimination.

“We hope to start by the end of next week,” said Myers.

In order for the game to end, each person must be eliminated, leaving one Director behind, which will be the winning agency. Directors can only be eliminated if all their agents are eliminated.

The winning agency will receive an engraved trophy.

“This is something we’re looking to do once a year, as a campus tradition,” said Myers.

The game will end with an ice cream party on the tentative date of March 16. “The game never stops. Whenever students get free time, they can join,” said Myers.

Students can stop by the SAB office (UC 2130) to register to become an agent and participate in Spy Wars.