by CODY DRAPER, Guest Writer

Someone once said that the first step is the hardest. I’m not familiar with the origins of this phrase, but at this point it has become deeply ingrained in our society. Everyone knows it. I, however, would have to respectfully disagree. Now don’t get me wrong, taking the first step can often be difficult. In my experience though, I find the second step to be the hardest.

If the first step is going to a meeting or reaching out to someone about an organization, then the second step is going back to another meeting or keeping up your correspondence. If the first step is to give up cigarettes, sweets, or your Facebook addiction today, then the second step is to keep going tomorrow. If the first step is to say hello to that good-looking guy or gal sitting next to you in class, then the second step is to have another conversation with them, regardless of how your first interaction went. I think you get the idea.

Even after taking the first step towards something, you usually aren’t invested. It can be extremely easy to shy away from that second step and end up back at square one. Taking the first step requires courage; taking the second step requires commitment, along with that courage.careerrealism

In my life, I have taken countless first steps. More often than I would like to admit, I have failed to take the subsequent second step. My anxiety and nerves got the best of me, and like a sitcom, I retreated back to the safety of my status quo. I was guilty of it back in high school, and I have been guilty of it in college as well. This year I’ve made a resolution to take more second steps. Not a New Year’s resolution, because those are dumb and never work, but just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill resolution.

So here I am, mustering as much courage and commitment as I can manage, all so I can take a second step that in the past would have likely gone untrodden. I am doing this for myself, but also for all the other people like me who might struggle with that second step in their lives. It probably won’t be easy, but it probably will be worth it to try. Besides, you never hear anyone talking about the third step, so that one must be a piece of cake.