Photo courtesy of Chelsea Boufford
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Boufford

By Ghadeer Alaradi, Student Life Editor

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an organization on campus that brings the campus community together to engage in conversations about spirituality, God, the Bible, and Jesus. InterVarsity is an organization that welcomes all students, faculty, and staff to join the conversation.

For the month of February, InterVarsity is focusing on hospitality. They are asking, “How can we be more hospitable to each other and to our campus?” They will be having speakers throughout the semester at the Thursday night Large Groups.

The Large Groups meet on Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. in one of the Kochoff Halls. “It is a great way to meet new people, listen to a speaker, and hang out,” said Chelsea Buofford, President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Their Small Groups meet throughout the week, which are open to people of all faiths. The Small Groups look over a passage from the Bible and discuss questions about faith.

Every November, InterVarsity attends a fall conference in East Lansing to have conversations about spirituality and the Bible. They have between 80 and 100 students that attend each year. “It’s a place for students to find out what they believe or strengthen their current beliefs; to learn how to have spiritual conversations with others, and to explore questions about Jesus,” said Buofford.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship also hosts an annual “Fright Night” dance at the end of October. They give prizes for the best costumes and open their dance to the campus community to get to know one another. They have an attendance of about 150 students every year.

At the beginning of every semester, InterVarsity welcomes new students on campus by hosting events such as a trip to Dairy Queen. New visitors are treated with free ice cream.

InterVarsity also hosts a City-Wide Scavenger Hunt, where teams are challenged to collect items and take pictures and videos of different challenges.

Another successful event hosted by InterVarsity is Chapter Focus Week. It is a weeklong trip and conference to the Upper Peninsula to get away from distractions and discuss God’s place in the lives of people and general questions about God.

“Since the majority of students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn do not live on campus, it is an excellent opportunity to experience living with your closest friends at a week-long retreat,” said Buofford.

According to Buofford, when she was a freshman at the Freshmen Organization Fair, she got to know InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Within the first month of the semester, she was busy with her classes and did not attend InterVarsity events as often.

“What really stuck out to me was even though I had a fairly large small group Bible study, they still noticed when I wasn’t there. It showed me how much they really valued people,” said Buofford.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship welcomes students of all cultures and backgrounds. The organization has a weekly email newsletter to keep students and faculty updated about upcoming events. For more information, please contact Chelsea Buofford at