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By Miranda Karanfili, Guest Writer

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Two years ago, the girls of Fifth Harmony began their journey on “X Factor U.S.”  The girls started off as solo artists and were formed into the group that includes members Lauren Jauregi, Normani-Kordei Hamilton, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, and Ally Brooke Hernandez.

The girls placed in third, but that didn’t stop them from rising. They were signed by Simon Cowell and for the last two years have worked on putting together their first debut album “Reflection.

The girls have come a long way since their debut EP “Better Together.” They have grown up these last two years and their album is a reflection of that. The sound of “Reflection” is a sophisticated blend of R&B sounds and an infusion of pop.

The sounds vary from fun songs such as “Top Down,” “The Girls Be Like,” and “Body Rock,” which are infectious and catchy. They give encouragement and confidence and are the perfect songs to listen to with your girlfriends while you’re getting ready for a night out on the town.

Songs like “Bo$$,” “Beautiful,” “Brave,” “Honest,” and “Reflection,” tell girls everywhere to love themselves, to want the world for themselves, and to see the beauty in themselves.

“Reflection” is an album anyone could enjoy. With such variety between the tracks, whether you’ve been a fan of Fifth Harmony from the start or are just now tuning into them there is no denying that they’re talented and the album showcases their talent.

“Reflection” is now out everywhere and available on iTunes.