by CODY DRAPER, Staff Writer

When I was little, I absolutely loved winter. It was my second favorite season, trailing just behind summer. While Christmas and my birthday definitely contributed to my love, the other big factor was the snow. Winter is unique amongst the seasons in that it is the only one associated with snow (although I suppose this isn’t necessarily the case in Michigan). Nowadays, things have changed. Winter has plummeted past spring and fall to become my least favorite season by a wide margin. Christmas is still awesome, and I’m not old enough yet to hate my birthday, which leaves one culprit for this plunge: the weather.twitterwxyz

As a youngster, winter was great. Playing in the snow was a blast. Sledding was a fun pastime that was only possible after a nice blanket of snow covered the ground. Every year brought about a few wondrous snow days, which provided a brief respite from school. Somewhere along the way, although I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, everything changed. The magic of playing in the snow has vanished, I can’t remember the last time I went sledding, and snow days seem to come about as often as the Lions make the playoffs (that doesn’t happen much). While these are all true, there is one thing above all else that makes me dread snowfall.

The biggest reason for my dislike of snow is because I have to drive in it, something I never even considered before I got my driver’s license. I am often a nervous driver in perfectly ideal conditions; I can’t help it, being a worrywart runs in my family. So when the roads are snowy and icy, I am petrified. Additionally, driving in the winter is hazardous, because many other people don’t know how to drive in the snow, which only makes the whole situation worse. All of this means that a little bit of snow can turn a dull and simple commute can turn into a trying ordeal. Thus far I have been in one auto accident in my life; it happened right after one of last year’s countless snowstorms and was caused by an icy road.

Laying everything out, it’s easy to see where my disdain for snow comes from. There is a limited demographic of adults who have a reason to enjoy it, and I’m not part of it. I won’t fault anyone who does like snow, although if you regularly drive in it I’d love to know your secret. I once enjoyed it myself, what feels like a lifetime ago. Now though, I find snow to be nothing more than a nuisance, and I can’t see my feelings about it changing anytime soon. Perhaps that is just one of those secrets you learn by growing up. Snow isn’t so cool after all.