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By Amber Ainsworth, Staff Writer

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Mix an illegal energy drink with the control panel of a hot tub and a time machine is born. Throw some friends into that machine and things get wild.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” was the beginning of an adventure that would change the lives of three guys that hated the paths their lives were taking.

The trip taken through time in a hot tub gone awry was just enough of a trip to allow a group of best friends to completely change their futures after some time to mess around in the 80s.

These changes are blatantly evident and set the scene for mishaps in “Hot Tub Time Machine 2.”

Lou (Rob Corddry) was even able to use the knowledge he obtained from the past to turn himself into a tech guru, referring to himself as “the father of the internet.” While he is living a life of lavish luxuries courtesy of the hot tub and his journey to the past in the original film, trouble arises for him.

When he is shot, Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) hop back in the hot tub to embark on a drunken journey to give Lou more time after the shooting; hopefully enough time to save him.

The time machine has a bit of a different plan than the first movie though, taking the group 10 years into the future, as compared to the past in the original film.

As part of their futuristic adventure, they set out to find the shooter, in hopes that is he somehow from the future and Lou’s murder can be prevented from 2024.

According to the cast of both films, both movies are heavy on improv acting, allowing the actors to put their own little twists and humors on the comedies. While the second film is more driven by the script, there was a freedom on the set that let the script be played with.

There wasn’t even a scripted ending for the first movie, so naturally the second went ending free as well.

It’s a method that has worked for great films of the past, so it’s only expected that the same method of improvising how the film comes together will be essential to tying together a movie fueled by a hot tub and a lot of booze.