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By Ghadeer Alaradi, Student Life Editor

The Indian American Student Association (IASA) is hosting the First Annual Earth Day Service Project on campus. IASA is inviting all students, organizations, and community members to attend.

Earth Day will be divided into two days; the first day will be the Earth Day Expo in which they will have guest speakers, invite students and local, national, and international businesses.

The second day will be the Earth Day Service event where students will be volunteering on or off campus the weekend after Earth Day Expo.

“Celebrating Earth Day is a great reminder to the students and community of the environmental issues around the world,” said Drashti Patel, president of IASA. “How valuable the environment is to protecting our ecosystem and the future of mankind, ourselves and that of the lives of our children.”

Patel explained the importance of protecting one’s environment to protect their own health and future.

“Earth Day is a part of my life, culture, religion and ultimately my way of being,” he said. “Protecting our environment has always been a priority in my life, because we are securing our future, our health and the lives and wellbeing of our children.”

IASA is looking for student leaders or organizations to co-sponsor and help plan the event. Student organizations that co-sponsor will be entitled to their own table to advertise for their organization during the Earth Day Expo. A representative from the organization must attend weekly Friday meetings starting from March 6.

“Please note that whether or not an organization may not be directly working to making the world a better place, in one shape or form we are all connected,” said Patel.

Individual student leaders also have the option to join the planning process and become site leaders for the exposition and service day event.

This is the first Earth Day Service Project to take place on campus. The date is still tentative, but will take place in early April.

“We all share the same environment, we all breathe the same air, share the same weather and drink the same water, we are one family,” said Patel.

If an organization or student is interested, contact Patel at The deadline for co-sponsorship is Thursday, March 5, 2015.