Babies do it. Cats are famous for it. Many important historical figures, such as Napoleon and Thomas Edison, did it. What am I talking about? Napping of course, the art of stealing some z’s during the day. I too am a serial snoozer, often enjoying a quick catnap when I have the chance. It is a wonderful habit that I’ve loved for years.ydtalk

According to my mother, I have been a fan of naptime since I was a wee lad. One of my lasting memories of preschool was when the lights went out and the cots came out. Some kids might not have enjoyed it, but I was all for a brief siesta. Kids who slept through naptime even got a reward, which is how I built up quite the collection of “Rocko’s Modern Life” bookmarks. After that, I lost my love of napping for a while, although it returned to me in high school. In 12th grade, I spent many an afternoon napping at my grandparent’s house afterschool. They had really comfy chairs.

While your mileage may vary, I find a quick nap in the afternoon to be absolutely refreshing. Give me 30 to 40 minutes of sleep time, and I’ll be in heaven. I’m the kind of unusual person who doesn’t intake much caffeine (meaning I don’t drink coffee, tea, or energy drinks of any sort), so a rejuvenating nap is my favorite way to hit my second wind for the day.

As with all good things, even napping has its risks. Aside from the obvious (for example, please don’t nap while driving or operating heavy machinery), I would advise that you watch how long you nap for. A short snooze is nice, but sleeping for too long can throw your sleep cycle out of whack and leave you extremely groggy when you wake up. Nothing is worse than waking up more tired than you were before your nap, trust me on that one. Nap in moderation, and you will be feeling refreshed in no time.

I know that napping isn’t for everyone. Some people just do not have the time to nap; their schedule doesn’t allow for it. For other people it just might not be for them, like those who can only sleep at night. For the rest of you poor, unfortunate souls who are missing out, I wholeheartedly recommend that you give it a shot. The next time you have a free afternoon and are feeling a bit drowsy, forgo an energy drink and find a cozy spot to curl up in. The best part, it’s free! Who knows, you might even like it.