by ANGIE KRUEGER, Staff Writer

Maybe I’m just an incredible prude, but Christian Grey is not my type of guy.

I never read the book—and I never will—so I had to see the movie, just so I could see what all the fuss is about. After 125 minutes, I still don’t see what all the fuss is about.

In case you didn’t read the book or watch the movie, Christian Grey is a wealthy, young entrepreneur whose interests include kinky sex, observing what motivates people and eventually Anastasia Steele. He is by all definitions intense, he is intimidating, he is clean cut and reasonably attractive—though he doesn’t have abs. I’m not saying that’s a character flaw, but if the picture that is trying to be painted is that Grey is “irresistible,” a six pack couldn’t have hurt the cause. Moving on—

forbesI do not applaud this film whatsoever. The story itself is pretty pointless. It moves from sex scene to sex scene, interrupted by Grey and his domineering personality, not just inside the bedroom—or playroom, but all the freaking time.

To me, the movie wasn’t a positive experience. Sure, it was remotely entertaining because of the humor I found within the dialogue leading up to the sex scenes, but other parts of the movie definitely made me cringe.

The sex didn’t bother me one bit, it was entertaining to watch and honestly I giggled a lot. The rest of the story is what bothered me. Grey is very controlling and that was very unsettling to me. He scolded Steele when she rolled her eyes at him and when she did it a second time, he took her in another room, bent her over his knee, pulled up her dress and down her underwear, and repeatedly spanked her. Oh, but she grinned, so it was acceptable. To me, that doesn’t seem hot, it’s just weird; maybe in a different situation that would be hot—like in the bedroom—but not because Steele rolled her eyes. To me, that is just disturbing and belittling.

I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to say that 50 Shades basically sensationalizes abusive, controlling relationships. Just because a contract is involved does not make this whole situation any healthier. In fact, I think it makes it more alarming. I honestly had to stop in the middle of the movie and just think, Okay, what is wrong with his girl, why is she always so passive? Obviously both Grey and Steele have some unresolved issues from their past.

Another thing I just don’t get is the fact that Steele was supposedly a virgin at the beginning of the movie. Which brings me to ask, what kind of girl who is still a virgin by the time she’s in her mid-twenties would just have sex with the first guy who showed a strong interest in her sexuality—not her as a person. Was she just that shy, or was she a prude until Grey set her straight? The storyline just seems a bit intense for someone with absolutely no sexual experience whatsoever, but that’s just my opinion. I guess you got to start somewhere, huh?

The fact that they are not a monogamous couple should raise some red flags, especially because she is only allowed to be with him, but he can have sex with other women. Wouldn’t that alone just send any self-respecting girl for the door? Obviously Steele is not self-respecting.

Yet, this girl falls hard for this guy who won’t even sleep in the same bed with her after sex, but also won’t let her leave either. I mean I get he took her virginity, but damn have some dignity. I’m pretty sure the only reason Steele begins to fall for Grey is because he has three things going for him: his bank account, his sly manipulation and apparently his irresistible looks.

As I watched Grey win Steele over with his plane rides, expensive gifts and agenerous one date per week; I couldn’t help but compare it to “The Bachelor.” You think you’re in love, but really you’re just in love with the scenery, with the lavish lifestyle, with the idea of a man—not the actual man. Everything is easier when you have unlimited funds, including manipulation.

I guess I will just never understand the draw of “50 Shades of Grey.” I think the entire story is disconcerting. After watching the movie, all I could hope was that by the third and final book, Steele would have come to her senses.

SPOILER ALERT: But I read the cliff notes, and sadly the “freed” in “50 Shades Freed,” does not refer to Steele freeing herself from Grey’s mechanism, but instead the two characters have a family together. What an interesting end to erotica; how…odd!


  1. The reason why this movie is so compelling is because it was basically another ‘accident’ written out by an amateur author who was ignorant about the subject she was writing about – like Twilight. 50 Shades was twilight fanfiction. It is not believable from a BDSM perspective – any more than Twilight was from a ‘vampire’ perspective – which is what makes it dangerous; because we’re not talking about ‘unreal mystical characters’, anymore.

    Fiction done right doesn’t hurt anybody – but, Twilight wasn’t done right; and 50 Shades is only ONE bad consequence that came out of it. 50 Shades is no more about BDSM than Twilight was about Vampires. It is proof of how warped the obsessions of so many OLDER Twilight fans were so many years ago. What happened with The Twilight Saga is VERY RARE professionally-negligent publishing – NOT ‘Free Speech’. There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads. SEARCH
    explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for all the details on how a romantic sparkling vamp accidentally inspired Christian Grey.

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