Photo courtesy of Pinyata

By Amber Ainsworth, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Pinyata
Photo courtesy of Pinyata

Steven Puri was sick of Facebook’s newsfeed being filled with ads and baby photos from weird cousins, so he took matters into his own hands and created a social media app of his own.

Pinyata launched this past fall and since then, has skyrocketed in popularity. Through the interface, users are given a place where they can showcase their day through photos, videos and GIFs. It is a quick, sleek, and fun way to present what is going on around the user.

One of the key features of the app, according to Puri, is the ability for celebrities and fans to connect through Pinyata. Musicians, actors and YouTube stars have all started using the app that allows their fans to directly interact with their stories.

For instance, a singer could create a story for his show in a certain city. From there, fans can add their own photos from the night that can then be viewed, liked, and commented on by the artist. This allows users to really be seen and noticed when they post.

The features of Pinyata come directly from what users of other social media apps and sites were lacking on the platforms. The developers of Pinyata spent nearly six months talking to friends and friends of friends to figure out the perfect formula for a successful social app.

“We wanted to make sure we knew what they wanted that they were not getting from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter,” said Puri of their research. “It really came down to being able to all post together and letting everyone’s photos and videos be seen.”

From combining the great aspects of apps that are already succeeding, Pinyata has the potential to be the next big social media platform. In fact, the app is up to around 19 million posts being viewed, an astonishing increase from 111,000 views in January.

In addition to this, the app is receiving over one thousand new signups a day, with 80 percent of its active users using the app every day. The numbers are impressive for an app that is essentially competing with every other social sharing site out there.

Even more impressive, the app gains all its users without ads. Through word of mouth, the app has made its rounds. From celebrities to people just looking for a new and unique way to share, Pinyata has been an attractive option.

With such great successes in a rather short amount of time, Pinyata’s only real downfall comes in being able to handle the constant gains.

“Our biggest problem has been scaling up the servers to meet demand,” said Puri, “so if you find Pinyata gets slow sometimes please bear with us – it will catch up in a minute or two!”

Not surprisingly, the app is still improving and working to meet the needs of its growing population. Puri said the team is constantly designing and talking to Pinyata’s users to tweak the app.

“Our goal is to make Pinyata  one percent more delightful and useful each night,” added Puri.