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Monday, March 9 was the start of the first ever CASL Spirit Week.
The week consisted of multiple events geared toward engaging students, faculty, and staff in fun activities where they could all interact with one another.
“The goal of these events was to engage the entire CASL community and get all different types of people to mingle and create a better sense of togetherness,” said Associate Dean Gabriella Eschrich, one of the people behind spirit week.
She said spirit week was also part of the CASL strategic planning that has been going on since August 2014. The college is hoping to attract more students and improve the experience of existing students.
Kick Off week started the launch of a scavenger hunt and logo contest Monday. Forms for the scavenger hunt were available online for download. The sheets had boxes each containing a clue to somewhere inside of the CASL building. The scavenger hunt ended on Thursday with the winner receiving a $40.00 gift card.
Anyone in the CASL community was allowed to participate in the logo contest. Participants were asked to create a unique logo that did not include the “block yellow M.” Submissions were due by Wednesday, so the spirit week committee had enough time to vote on all of the entries.
Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of “Student think-tanks.” These were stationed in the CASL atrium from 11:00am-1:00pm. Students were asked to go to the tables and share their thoughts on what they thought could be improved in CASL and also what they love about CASL.
While Thursday was the deadline for the scavenger hunt, the fun didn’t end there. “Game Day” began at 11:00am in Kochoff Hall C. All sorts of different games from board to card games were available to play.
Friday marked the final day of CASL’s spirit week. The closing reception took place in the lobby area of the third floor in CASL and ran from 1-3pm. The winners of the logo and poster contests were announced.
Anne-Marie Yerks was the winner of the CASL logo contest. Merchandise such as mugs, sweat pants, and t-shirts are going to be made with the winning logo so that CASL students and faculty can have their own apparel and accessories to show off their building pride.
The logo must be approved by the dean and the external relations department before it can become CASL’s official logo.[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]



Winning Logo by Anne-Marie Yerks





Wining Logo by LPA/Julie Lambert
Winning Poster from the Math Department


[ezcol_1third] JASS Poster Rev3[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]


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