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By Amber Ainsworth, Staff Writer

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Kid Rock is again making his home state an important tour stop when he rolls through for eight Detroit shows this summer.

Every single Detroit concert on the Cheap Date Tour is sold out already; the same thing that occurred when Rock hit Detroit for his Best Night Ever Tour in 2012. As with that tour, tickets for all seats at all shows were going for $20 each. In addition, 2012’s tour offered $20 shirts and $4 beers; fans can experience this again this year.

Rock doesn’t skimp, either. Rock was so energized during the last stop of Detroit in 2012 that one would never guess it was the last in a series of performances.

It’s an incredible deal, especially for people that may not be able to get out much because of the increasing prices of entertainment options. Unfortunately, fans had to be quick to get tickets; they were battling with other fans, as well as websites that have already been jacking the prices up well past 20. Stubhub already has listings for lawn tickets that are barely hovering below $100.

Rock’s intentions are that every fan has the opportunity to see him live, but with internet ticket purchases, it can be a sticky situation.

Regardless of the irrational scalping of his tickets, Rock’s low ticket prices show that he cares about his fans and is interested in giving back both to his hometown and beyond.

Cheap concert tickets are only a small way that Kid Rock gives back; The Kid Rock Foundation raises “funds for and awareness of local and regional charities helping disadvantaged children, victims of war and natural disasters, and those suffering from illness,” according to the mission statement on

Even if Rock is offering tickets for prices that are extremely low, it’s no doubt he is making money as he continues to prove what a driving force he is in the music world.

Obviously, Rock has proven to be a controversial figure as well. In the past few months, Rock has hurled insults at Michael Moore and Seth Rogan in regards to their criticism of the film “American Sniper.”

In a recent interview, he even made comments about Beyonce’s music and questioned her fame. Naturally, fans were fired up by his comments, but it’s all the more publicity for the motor mouth star.

Combine his shameless attitude with dirt-cheap concert tickets and the outward result is ticket sales-and lots of ‘em.

The tour includes stops all around the states, but Michigan remains the most important place on the map.

After the original six Michigan shows sold out, Rock added another two shows at DTE Music Theater. Those shows also quickly sold out.

Rock will be performing in Michigan Aug. 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, and 19.

If you’re really set on going, tickets are available online, but beware, the prices are definitely not the way Kid Rock wanted them to be.

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