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By Miranda Karanfli, Staff Writer

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Most noted for his feature on Rihanna’s single “Stay,” Mikky  Ekko returns with his debut album “Time,”  An infusion of pop-indie sound with a soulful voice layered over heart wrenching lyrics on love, heartbreak and sex. Mikky Ekko’s album blazes showcasing the 30-year-old Louisiana born singer’s vocals.

Ekko has written for many artists, but it is this album that really showcases his own voice for more than just a few lines like we heard on “Stay.” He is on the rise, and with an album like this, it has potential to climb the charts.

The album clocks in under an hour, with fourteen tracks. However, the album isn’t an instant hit right off its first listen. The music is mellow with guitars and an almost new wave sound; it’s an album that you could picture playing inside a coffee shop.

Ekko’s voice is a hybrid of Ryan Tedder’s from One Republic and Abel Yasfel (known as The Weeknd). His soothing mellow voice and falsettos, give the album its dream-like feel.

The album starts off with  “Watch Me Rise”  a song with strong lyrics, talk about rising above a challenge he is facing in the song. Although the lyrics are noted, it is definitely one of the more weaker tracks on the album. It doesn’t really do a good job presenting the album and what to expect on it.

The next track “Smile” is an optimistic love song, with the single acoustic guitar playing and Ekko’s voice, sweet and inviting, really brings the album to life. It is a love song without a doubt, of donning a smile with your loved one, because the future is unpredictable and because you don’t know what life will throw at you next.

“Love You Crazy” and “U” are love ballads. His sizzling falsetto in the choruses of the song leave you wanting more. “U” is a song about friends turning to lovers that almost anyone can relate to. Where do you go from there? What comes next? Love You Crazy” is the song of when you first meet someone and the magic is almost instantaneous. It is crazy and his lyrics showcase that.

Tracks like “Burning Doves,”Pressure Pills,” andComatose” are all the more heartbreaking songs. More of the heavily laced lyrics in those messy break ups. “Burning Doves” talks about something we all know, the time when the relationship is starting to fall apart, and you are trying to save it, but it is hopeless. Ekko’s vocals strike that sad chord where you find yourself almost to tears in the last few tracks of the album.

Ekko’s album isn’t an album you listen to and love instantly. It is one you sit with and really allow it to grow with you. It is one that you could come back to after having taken some time away from it.

“Time” is available everywhere to buy and also avaliable to purchase on iTunes.