by ZAC PALMER, Staff Writer

It’s hard for our government to go very long without getting itself into a scandal. This time it was Illinois Representative Aaron Schock who is being called out for his “unethical” spending of taxpayer money. He has been accused of many transgressions that should never be mentioned when talking about an elected official.

One of his stealing ventures involved him reporting expenses from a car he drove. He gets a certain amount of reimbursement for the number of miles he drives, and he reported that he drove many more miles than he actually did. By doing so, he got paid taxpayer money that goes right into his pocket.wonkette

On top of that he used taxpayer money for concert tickets, private jet flights, and trips abroad. It’s shocking that nobody picked up on this sooner as it has been going on for a long time. In fact, he takes pictures of all his lavish vacations and posts them on Instagram! This guy is not your normal Congressman either. He has posed shirtless for Men’s Health magazine and was the youngest Congressman in the House when elected. These facts all steer him away from your normal old guy politician stereotype. He’s been different from the start, and it looks like he’s going to be leaving office in the same fashion.

Schock announced his resignation last Tuesday, citing his inability to get work done from being in the spotlight and having to deal with all the questions he’s trying to answer. To add to that, Schock is also now under federal investigation for his improper use of taxpayer money.

All in all, Schock can be described as a deceiving and untrustworthy man. As an elected official you should be held to the highest of standards and this is an absolutely appalling story. Thankfully, his only supporter is his father who claims that, as long as he isn’t in jail two years from now, he’ll be very successful. It’s a shame that this actually occurs in our country’s most coveted and honorable body of Legislators.

I’m sure we will learn more with the federal probe, but nothing is looking good for Schock at this point in time. He may be in for an extended vacation, and it won’t be spent zip lining in South America or mountain climbing in Tibet. Frankly, he deserves every bit of criticism he’s receiving and more. Schock took advantage of the system we have in place and used it to further his personal adventures. Hopefully they don’t uncover any other taxpayer frauds, as that money is never coming back.



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