(Courtesy: UMD Softball Twitter)
(Courtesy: UMD Softball Twitter)
(Courtesy: UMD Softball Twitter)


According to the calendar, it is officially spring. Unfortunately for the University of Michigan-Dearborn softball team, the first game back on their home field will be seeing some action later than expected.

The team had their home opener scheduled against Madonna on Saturday, but due to the cold weather, the matchup was postponed. There has been no reschedule date yet.

But the cancellation doesn’t seem to shake UM-Dearborn.

“It really didn’t matter to us very much,” said junior outfielder Maria Rodriguez. “We’re already pretty deep in the season and have played over 20 games, so postponing the game isn’t really slowing us down much.”

These prior games, many of which were played in Florida during the Wolverines’ spring training, have put the team at a 9-14 record.

Leading the offensive front with a .446 overall batting average is sophomore infielder Taylor Moceri. Defensively, six players share an incredible fielding percentage of 1.000. This lethal combination should allow for the Wolverines to dominate the conference, assuming the weather permits.

According to the NAIA Softball Rules and Interpretation handbook, there is no official temperature rule listed to cancel a game, but suggestions instead.

In Livonia, where UM-Dearborn’s home field is located, it was 36 degrees but “felt like” 29 degrees. For under 30 degree weather, the NAIA handbook states: “Be aware of the potential for cold injury and notify appropriate personnel of the potential.”

Although freshman catcher Ellie Kauten was let down by the cancellation of her first home game in a Wolverines jersey, she knew the coaches had the right idea.

“I mean it’s always disappointing when a game gets cancelled, especially since it was going to be our home opener, but I know the coaches were just doing what they thought was best for both teams and our safety,” Kauten said. “It just didn’t make sense to try and get teams out on the field when it was that cold.”

The Wolverines will have to keep up the high momentum in the next few weeks as they face the strongest forces in the conference, like Cornerstone and Davenport. Sunday’s games against Concordia were also postponed.