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Photo courtesy of lorie karbal via
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Whether you’re headed to a Tigers game or leaving a show at The Fillmore, Hot Taco is the go-to spot for a quick bite to eat while downtown.

Located on Park Street just behind the Fox Theatre, Hot Taco is within walking distance of the Fox, The Fillmore and Comerica Park. It’s also just a few blocks from Ford Field and the Masonic Temple. I was introduced to the hole-in-the-wall joint last summer, and I make it a point to eat there every time I am in Detroit. It’s a fast-food style taco eatery that tastes far better than any fast-food Mexican food I have ever had.

From the outside, Hot Taco is small and nearly hidden aside from a sign. Inside, the establishment is not much bigger than it looks on the outside. There are several tables and bar stools against the window that give a view of the street while eating. The kitchen can be seen from the counter where orders are placed.

The simple but spectacular menu is shown on a chalkboard hanging above the counter, with the food written in bold colors. There is always some catchy music playing, the most notable being video game music from classic games like Super Mario.

For a meal, dinners have the choice of tacos or burritos. Many tacos come in a three for six deal. Small, the tacos are good for a quick bite, while the overflowing burritos are ideal for filling up (and having some left over for next time). One taco is a good choice if you want to enjoy Hot Taco but not overdo it. I pick one if I have already ate dinner but can’t pass up the restaurant. The veggie burrito is my usual meal, but the spicy chicken is also an amazing choice, and for those who like it even hotter, the blackened shrimp is always a delicious option.

If that’s not enough, chips and salsa or queso is always an option. Oh, and don’t forget the Jaritos soda or Mexican Coke. The food can then be doused in hot sauce from the large collection of bottles near where the food is handed to you, though it’s good whether or not you choose that option.

No matter what your preference, Hot Taco is a quick, inexpensive, and delightful meal to sit down and enjoy or take with you in Detroit. Plus, Hot Taco is open until 2 a.m., so it’s always a good option after spending a night in the city.