Photo courtesy of Panhellenic Council.
Photo courtesy of Panhellenic Council.

By Samira Nahshal, Guest Writer

Fleece for Paws was held by the Panhellenic council on Thursday, March 26 at the University Center, Kochaff Hall C to prepare blankets for cats located in the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

The Panhellenic council is composed of Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu and Phi Sigma Sigma members.

Fleece for Paws was sponsored by SOAC. The Dearborn Animal shelter is Panhel’s local philanthropy.

Laura Bossio and other members joined together for a seven hour blanket-preparing event from10 a.m.-5 p.m. The blankets were made for cats coming into the shelter, whether they were found homeless or abandoned by their previous owners. Each cat will be given one distinctive blanket. When the cats are adopted, they take their blankets with them as a souvenir.

Bossio said, “Taking a familiar item that they are comfortable with will help them adapt to their new home.”

This annual event was quite a success this year. Bossio mentioned, “The event turned out well, we made about 65 blankets. We are very excited to give them the blankets and also the donation items we’ve received. We will be collecting items until next Friday.”

Donations include canned cat food, canned adult dog food, canned puppy food, cat and dog toys, cat harnesses, 6-foot leashes, monetary donations, and more. If you’d like to donate or ask what other items are needed, stop by at the Office of Student Engagement and request to speak to Kristin McDonough.

When asked about the overall experience of the event, Bossio said, “It is awesome to see how excited the workers at the Shelter are and how happy they are with the outcome of Panhel’s event. We appreciate anyone who can give donations, we know the cats and dogs will appreciate it.”