With my twenty-third birthday coming up, I’ve begun to think about how things have changed in my life since I entered my twenties. Other than finally perfecting winged liner and realizing that not everything can be a bracelet, the biggest change is how I see the world as a woman.

It seems like women have been fighting for equality since the beginning of time. Female slaves were considered less dWe_Can_Do_It!esirable, a woman who dressed “provocatively” would never be taken seriously, and just now is a female candidate being taken seriously for the presidency. Fighting with men is nothing new to woman, but fighting with other women is.

The fight for equality among women has gotten so cut throat and mob-like, women are seeing the only way to get ahead is to go after their own kind. With social media being so accessible, it’s not uncommon to see women bad-mouthing other girls to make themselves look better. With less competition between the women, the better chance they have among the men.

This tactic has so many faults and ends up dividing more people apart. Despite what all of the stereotypes say, I’ve learned how important it is to support your sisters over anyone. And that thinking can be applied to the rest of the world. Just like sorority sisters, women are brought together over a common goal. For women this goal is to overcome struggle with men to gain equality. Going against each other only takes away from that reality and makes men believe that we aren’t worth the same.

Just like being an older sibling makes you adhere to a higher set of rules, being a woman is the same. Not only do we have to have twice the experience for a job and hide any sign of emotions, but our mistakes will have harsher consequences. A man turning in work project late may seem like an indiscretion. As a woman, it was incompetence. So while it’s not fair, we must always hold ourselves to a higher standard. This means showing maturity to men that aren’t showing you the same and to rise above petty issues with woman to focus on the bigger issue.

Being in a sorority has also taught me that one or two men standing in a room full of strong and powerful women makes them more nervous than they’ll ever admit. Now imagine that on a larger scale. A group of women, together, setting aside any differences, in opinion to achieve a realistic and necessary goal. We’ve all seen how asinine men can act on the House floor surrounded by other men. Imagine how they’d react to women.  We have had struggles that men never will and that passion will be what saves us from inequality.

While we all want to sit around and trash on Kim K’s newest outfit (really, she needs to stop letting Kanye dress her), we should instead talk positively Emma Waston being a Goodwill Ambassador or Angelina Jolie’s decision to alter her body for health reasons (although I’m always going to be a Team Jen.) It’s the support we have for other female leaders that will make .70 to every man’s $1 seem like a thing of the past. And then we can get more shoes to dress better than them, too.