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Stress is something we all relate to, especially this time in the semester! Unfortunately, stress does not just affect our mental and emotional health, but it even attacks our physical health. So for those who don’t realize it, I’m here to talk about how stress affects your beauty, literally!

To start off, let’s discuss the stress hormone called, “cortisol.” When we are under stress, this is released in our body and it:

  • Causes increase in fat tissue, especially tummy fat
  • Due to poor eating habits under stress, more weight gain
  • Causes skin process to slow down, which means wrinkles and dullness
  • Affects the way our hair grows, which means hair loss
  • Not to mention a dull face and dull skin

There are also indirect ways that stress affects our physical look:

  • Lack of sleep = dark circles, dull face, tired eyes
  • Improper eating
  • Low energy
  • Overall dull look and behavior
  • It even makes one vulnerable to getting sick quickly and easily, which is a whole new problem of it’s own!

It can literally be shown on one’s face by their expression and voice. But don’t worry! I am not here to stress you out even more. In fact, let’s discuss a few steps to fixing this

  •  Leave your stress to the next day instead of thinking before sleeping, since nothing will be changed or fixed lying there at that exact moment
  • Try to eat properly and drink much fluid (I watch TV to distract myself or feel light hearted)
  • Yoga or meditating- sometimes it feels like you’re literally shaking stress off haha
  • Talk to close friends or family- get it off your chest so you’re not walking around feeling heavy

pinterest I wanted to discuss exercising in a little more detail since it has many benefits:

  • It reduces stress. Reducing stress takes away the fatigue and dull look along with other stress related issues like dark circles, weight gain, etc.
  • Speaking of weight, exercising not only affects our face, but our entire look. It tones out our body and reduces unhealthy fat
  • Better overall look means better self-esteem. Confidence plays great factor in how one looks- a nice, sharp smile can change one’s looks
  • Did you know it even affects hair? The better blood circulation helps hair follicles, which means healthier and possibly faster growing hair
  • It helps with a better night’s sleep, and sleep alone is very important to beauty and health
  • It helps the entire skin renewing process, which gives us that glow we want!
  • Exercising is helpful in reducing issues such as wrinkles, lines, and especially acne
  • It keeps you looking young and refreshed, along with alive and active!

There are also many resources online and other ways to find stress relieving ideas. So try and see how it will help you out!

I know it isn’t easy (or 100 percent possible) to just stop stressing- it takes time and change, but there are ways to reduce it. We need to be kind to our bodies and health, physically and mentally/emotionally.