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Heartbreaks. We’ve all been through them at some point and many times it makes us feel bad about ourselves. We don’t feel as beautiful, or sometimes we question what was wrong with us. So I want to give some advice on your looks, and well, your outlook after the breakup.

One thing I want to say before anything else is that there is not something wrong with you. I have heard many people complain about what is missing in them, or if their ex will find someone “better.” It gets worse with Facebook and other social media where people can easily find pictures of the next new girlfriend/boyfriend with their ex.

First advice is not to do that to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to the next person and feel bad about yourself. Don’t call the person ugly either- it doesn’t make you better in looks or personality. You are something special in your own way and so is that person.

Being bitter about it does show on the face, and it shows through your personality. Don’t trash talk about the person, don’t wish bad upon them. Beauty is not only in looks, but also in what you say and how you act. A beautiful person is the one who handles things the mature, peaceful way.

Secondly, allow yourself to feel but don’t let it overtake you. Sometimes people shut everyone out and stay to themselves. Go out and be around people you love- laugh, smile, and let them remind you that you are beautiful. It’s true, and just because one person doesn’t see it, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t as well.

Thirdly, try something new. Believe it or not, I’ve talked to people who would say things like “He didn’t like my hair up,” “he didn’t like my makeup,” and even “she didn’t like my shoes, even though they’re my favorite.” Well now that the person is gone, remind yourself that you are beautiful and so are your choices. Do something you haven’t done in a long time if that happened to you as well. If not, well, just try something new- a new haircut, a new fashion style, even a new attitude about things. Anything that makes you feel good and alive.

This advice is small compared to all the things one deals with during a heartbreak, but it does help- knowing you’re still beautiful and precious makes it less difficult. Whether you feel ugly on the outside or inside, learn to be kinder to yourself… especially in times like this when you need yourself.

One of my favorite quotes I’d like to share is:

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

Remember that every time and smile. Smile because it’s the most beautiful makeup you can wear, and because you never know who is in love with it, as that one saying tells us.