On Tuesday, April 7, the Journalism and Screen Studies discipline held the “JASS Bash” in the new and improved TV Studio (there was also free food and video games too).

Originally, there were two separate majors. A Journalism major and a Screen Studies major. They were merged in 2012. One would wonder why two seemingly unrelated topics would become a single major?

Photo courtesy of John Fennessey.
Photo courtesy of John Fennessey.

According to Tim Kiska, Journalism Professor, “There’s been a lot of convergences.  There’s been a lot of change in journalism and this catches up with the trends.”

As for the goal of JASS, Jennifer Proctor, Screen Studies professor who teaches film and video courses, stated, “What we really focus on is storytelling and all of its forms. Whether it’s video or writing or audio.”

Some people think that Journalism is a dead-end career, but that’s not what Michael Colllins, a Journalism and Screen Studies major, Student Media Executive Producer, and photographer for 20 years thinks.

“Journalism isn’t going away, but it’s becoming more diverse.  And journalists today need to know more than to be just right.”

There are those who take this major because they really enjoy writing and entertaining people.

“I think it fits best of what I want to study and get better at,” Eron Fekete, Screen Studies major said.

No matter what the future of news and television is, they will always be a part of our culture and daily lives.  Especially, considering how modern culture relies heavily on information.

“I think it’s up and coming,” Beth Lundy, Screen Studies and History major said.  “It’s in its infant stages and will continue to grow.”

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