Esparcepájaros, Salamanca


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Here is a brief glimpse at the work of Pejac, a street artist from Cantabria, Spain. He has been covering the urban cities in color since 2000. He began to his passion of street art while living in Milan, Italy after growing frustrated with his professors’ attitudes towards art. His thoughts were that many believe art to be reserved for those of the higher parts of society and those who could afford the cost of a museum ticket. Pejac decided to bring the art outside the confines of a museum and give the gift of his artwork to those who may never have otherwise enjoyed it.

“Both melancholy and humour are the locomotive of my works,” he told Spanish newspaper 20minutos. The majority of his art seems to question societal norms, asking its audience to dig deeper and see the message behind the beautiful paintings. His use of silhouettes helps achieve this goal.

“Adult life is pure inertia, which seem to be broken only by bad
news or incentives, and if I can make people think, it all makes sense,” says the artist.

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