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First off, get that new “Battlefield Hardline” when it’s discounted.

EA games partnered with Visceral games and released their newest installment of the Battlefield series: “Battlefield Hardline.”

“Battlefield Hardline” presents a good old fashion duel between cops and robbers. The setting takes place within a flashy urban landscape that screams cocaine cowboys of the 1970’s Miami.

You chase bad guys through swamps, industrial parks, and mansions. Unlike most cop and robber games, the good guys don’t always win, but EA games definitely makes this game fun and exciting.

Unlike other versions of Battlefield that forced you along a specific unlock tree, “Battlefield Hardline” allows you to purchase whatever gun you desire, with all the trappings of advanced tech modifications sold separately.  This new concept implemented by EA & Visceral has increased the fun factor in this high powered chaotic first person shooter.

The operator, mechanic, enforcer, and the professional comprises of your traditional core classes of medic, repair guy, attacker, and sniper. New gadgets have also been unleashed within “Battlefield Hardline” as well. Some of these new gadgets are zip lines, grappling hooks, and surveillance cameras. Strategy and tactic are a must. These classes play extremely different during gameplay, and this is something that hasn’t changed from the previous installments.

The maps have changed from previous versions of Battlefield. “Battlefield 4” hosted a variety of maps ranging from large geographical landscapes to very small close quarter combat maps. Most of the maps in “Battlefield Hardline” feel like close quarter combat maps, with the exception of maybe one or two.

Can we say Chaos?

This isn’t completely bad, and it might be something that would be addressed with the upcoming extension pack. It’s schedule to be released this summer, late June.

The urban game world is immersive and interactive, but not to the same extent as the Dice Frostbite engine with previous Battlefield installments. You’re not able to collapse buildings, nor drive vehicles at high speeds through brick walls.

This is another disappointment with the Hardline series.

“Hardline” is a great game that allows for casual fun. I wouldn’t scurry out to your local game store to buy it if you have “Battlefield 4.” I would wait for the expansion pack and the release of the first patch for this game. My personal experience has been that it doesn’t provide enough value to purchase it at full price and leaves you wanting more map diversity.