(Photo courtesy http://umdearborn.edu/wolverinesinthe313/)
Welcome to Detroit (Source: frugal-cafe.com)
Welcome to Detroit (Source: frugal-cafe.com)


Students and staff looking for something fun and exciting to do this summer can look to the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Wolverines in the 313 Series.

The Wolverines in the 313 Series offers a variety of unique ways for students, faculty, staff and their families to explore Detroit.

These opportunities vary from Detroit Tigers games to bike tours of Belle Isle, Corktown, and other areas.

Jonathan Larson of the inCLUDE office started the series after receiving an overwhelming response from students wanting to go to events in Detroit as a group.

As of right now there are 11 events that will take place from May to September. However, the series runs all year round, not just in the summer.

Since a lot of students and staff members feel uneasy about going to Detroit themselves, this is an opportunity that provides a sense of security because of the group setting. Larson says the point of the series is to help students become more comfortable with Detroit.

(Photo courtesy http://umdearborn.edu/wolverinesinthe313/)
(Photo courtesy http://umdearborn.edu/wolverinesinthe313/)

“It’s really just a way to get faculty,staff, and students engaged in the city in a way that they do not feel alone or nervous, since we go as a group.”  Larson said.

Transportation is included in the price for most events, except the bike tours. You can either bring your own bike or there are bikes available for rent.

The 313 series kicked off on May 9 with a walking tour of Detroit’s Eastern Market. Participants had the opportunity to taste locally-grown food, visit specialty shops in the area and learn about its history.

Larson says that he is open to suggestions about events and activities for the series.

“If there is a smaller event happening in Detroit that I may not have heard about, students are more than welcome to email me and suggest it,” Larson said. “Any event students want to go to they can suggest to me.”

Many of the events this summer are bike tours, but once it gets a little colder outside the events shift to things like DIA visits, Noelle Night and different festivals happening in Detroit, such as an Electronic Music festival.

For a full description of each event and to register, visit http://umdearborn.edu/wolverinesinthe313.

All suggestions and questions about events can be emailed to Jonathan Larson at jonalars@umich.edu.

List of events

  • May 23 – Detroit Tiger’s Game
  • June 13 – Hamtramck Guided Bike Tour
  • June 20 – Belle Isle Guided Bike Tour
  • June 27 – Underground Railroad Guided Bike Tour
  • July 12 – Corktown Guided Bike Tour
  • August 15 -Historic Churches Guided Bike Tour
  • August 23 -Automobile Heritage Guided Bike Tour
  • September 12 – Detroit Architecture Guided Bike Tour
  • September 25 – Detroit Tiger’s Game; “Wolverine Night”