Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds performs at the Palace of Auburn Hills on June 23. (Mirana Karanfili/MJ)

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Eleven-thousand fans filled the Palace of Auburn Hills June 23 to see Imagine Dragons. This was one of the band’s biggest stops in their tour and the crowd was eager for them perform.

As the house lights dimmed, the band stood behind a white curtain, their silhouettes projected against the curtain, the crowd cheering for them to start. The curtain falls and they begin their set with their song “Shots” from their second album “Smoke + Mirrors.”

Lead singer Dan Reynolds did not disappoint. He spent the majority of the show walking the cat walk stage and standing on a platform, kneeling to interact with his fans, holding their hands and singing to the audience.

Holding his microphone out to hear the audience sing back to him brought a smile to Reynolds’ face.

“That’s why music is so incredible, because it brings people together,” he said. “It helps us see each other as brothers and sisters.  There are a lot of good people in the world.”

During the band’s performance of “On Top Of The World,” Reynolds hopped down from his platform to interact with fans at the barricades, proceeding to run three flights of stairs to the back section of fans in the audience.

A fan hugged Reynolds as the singer and the entire stadium sang joyously with the ending chorus. Fans had the chance to interact with Reynolds before joyously shouted “I love you, Detroit” into his microphone.

“I can’t believe that happened, I can’t believe he came up here. I am so pumped right now I could run a mile,” a fan towards the back yelled after interacting with Reynolds in his section.

Imagine DragonsThe show was full of energy, the band never missed a beat and the crowd response to the songs was overwhelming. Imagine Dragons had an 18-song set list, which included their hits, “Radioactive,” “It’s Time” and “Demons.” A majority of their performances did come from their second album, which had only been released earlier this year.

Although the album has only been out for a few months, the crowd knew lyrics to all of the songs.

The lights in the house flashed in rhythm to the band’s playing when the beats to “I Bet My Life” played over the speakers the audiences voices grew so loud they overpowered Reynolds he held his microphone out for the duration of the song listening to the response from fans sing stunned the band. 

The band concluded their set with their hit single from their first album “Radioactive” and returned for an encore with their song, “The Fall,” which ended with confetti resembling autumn leaves that fell over the audience.

“Thank you so much, Detroit,” Reynolds said as the band stood together on stage before ending the show. “We promise we will be back next year. We love you.”

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