Ricky Lindsay, Editor in Chief

Ricky Lindsay headshotBy COURTNEY MORRISON, Staff Reporter

“He has a lot of hustle. He never assumes things will get served to him and he goes out and gets what he needs in a pleasant way.”

University of Michigan-Dearborn professor and Michigan Journal advisor Tim Kiska echoes the general consensus of Ricky Lindsay’s peers and professors.

Lindsay’s energy and drive have been paying off. He was elected Editor-in Chief of The Michigan Journal in April. He also won a $500 scholarship in the 2015 Detroit Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists competition.

The scholarship is in honor of Lawrence A. Laurain, former editor of the Oakland Press and reporter with the Macomb Daily and Daily Tribune.

Lindsay is the only student from UM-Dearborn to ever be a finalist for the award.

With all of his success, it is hard to imagine that journalism only became a full time passion for Lindsay a few years ago.

“I entered school as a Biology major, thinking that I was going to go to medical school and become a doctor,” Lindsay said.

After about a year at the university, Lindsay decided that Biology was not for him.

“I remember sitting in my office doing work while everyone else was out having fun,” he said. “ I wanted to enjoy life and journalism lets me do that.”

Once Lindsay found journalism he described the transition as a “whirlwind”.

“I gave journalism a shot and it just fit,” Lindsay said. “ I never imagined it would happen like that.”

Lindsay found his passion in sports reporting. He was the Journal’s sports editor before taking over as Editor-in Chief.

He describes himself as a “storyteller,” which is one reason he enjoys journalism so much.

“I want to tell people’s stories,” he said. “ Everyone has a story and I love that I can sit down and just get to know someone’s story.”

Kiska had nothing but high praise for Ricky and his abilities.

“It’s going to be a good year for The Journal,” Kiska said. “Ricky works really hard and brings great energy to the paper. He is a proactive person and takes the initiative.”

Lindsay has interned for the News Herald and MLive.com. After his senior year – this year – he hopes to continue catching reader’s attention and telling people’s stories professionally.