(Photo courtesy of Nike)
(Photo courtesy of Nike)
(Photo courtesy of Nike)

By HANNAH GENIG, Sports Editor

After being teamed up with an Adidas partnership since 2007, the University of Michigan has decided to return to Nike starting August 2016. This partnership, the most lucrative in the country, has caused overwhelming positive feedback and excitement in Ann Arbor.

Will the University of Michigan-Dearborn follow suit?

Despite the lengthy process that is involved with a switch of partnership, Athletic Director Matthew Beaudry reports that UM-Dearborn has been directly involved in the bidding process of the various vendors. This will lead to an official determination this summer.

“The decision and involvement really resonated on campus at Ann Arbor,” Beaudry said. “But I had conversations with them, in relation to our needs and interests and they were very cooperative in listening and engaging in what our future would look like.”

How will this affect the Wolverines in Dearborn?

“It’s a very positive change,” said Beaudry. “Ann Arbor has obviously done a lot of research and activity with the different vendors in the industry to determine what’s in the best interest for the university, not only Ann Arbor but also Flint and Dearborn campuses. It has been proven through research that Nike is incredibly successful in their product line, advancement of technology and performance in competition.”

With this, he believes that the new partnership should achieve more than just improved performance, but also a stronger sense of pride for the maize and blue.

As expected, student athletes at UM-Dearborn are unanimous in their excitement and enthusiasm about the possibility of representing Nike this year.

“If it happens I would definitely be happy. I’m a Nike girl all the way so it would be awesome if Nike and UM-Dearborn partnered,” said women’s basketball sophomore Liv Hauser.

Softball rising senior Val Bertani added; “I am pretty excited about it, not going to lie. Hopefully this means new uniforms and gear, which should excite just about every athlete out there.”

In addition to the excitement over fresh jerseys and apparel, athletes at UM-Dearborn should also expect to be an integral part of the designing decision process.

“We are anticipating our coaches to look at uniforms through Nike that have great design and provide a unique experience for student athletes, because it’s an important piece of who we are,” said Beaudry. “They certainly want to feel a sense of pride in a uniform that they are representing every day.”