Ricky Lindsay, Editor in Chief

By RICKY LINDSAY, Editor-in-Chief

Fall is in the air, classes have resumed at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a fresh academic year has begun.

It seems like an appropriate time to usher in a new era for The Michigan Journal.

This year, The Journal will be producing its 45th volume. While it isn’t your typical milestone number — 40, 50, 60 and so forth — 45 is still something to be proud of.

The longevity that number represents, maintaining itself since 1971, is incredible, and we’re going to celebrate it throughout the year.

The first step in celebrating is unveiling a new design for our print edition. If you’re reading this column on newsprint, congratulations, you are in possession of the new-look Michigan Journal.

Here’s what you should expect to see when you pick up our print edition this year.

Our front page features a diverse look, and over the course of 25 issues, will showcase pieces from each of our five sections. Teasers and an index are returning. There will be a splash of color on the front, too.

But the front page isn’t the only thing getting a makeover. Sections will also have a redesign. Headers are flushed left and feature the section editor’s name and email underneath.

Over on our website, you can expect more multimedia content, headlined by photo galleries. We’ve started to utilize our Facebook and Instagram pages more, so be sure to check those out, too.

It’s an exciting time for The Michigan Journal and its staff. But we can’t produce our newspaper alone. If you are interested in joining The Journal, feel free to contact us at themichiganj@gmail.com.