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By AYESHA SHEIKH, Guest Writer

Situated four and a half miles from campus on Schaefer Road is one of the best sub places in town.

The Ananas Cafe serves a variety of Arabic style subs and sandwiches that are a bit different than your regular Subway subs. The food comes fresh, fast and delicious with a variety of 20 sandwiches and 17 subs on the menu. Each is toasted to perfection and assembled right in front of you, if you choose to stand and watch.

Besides subs and sandwiches, the cafe also boasts a large list of fresh juices and salads. If you would like your sub to be accompanied with a side you have your regular choices of freshly fried french fries or onion rings; you can also have a mediterranean side of baba ganoush, hummus or grape leaves.

The ambiance of the cafe is casual and has almost a cafeteria style; come in alone or with a large group and they can accommodate you. The only downside to the cafe is that it isn’t always the cleanest, so don’t expect a five-star quality to the place.

The best thing about Ananas Cafe is the price and size of your meal. Anybody can enjoy a hearty half-foot sub for $5 or a full sub for $7. I know what you’re thinking, $5 for a six-inch sub is expensive and small, but the way the subs are packed, you’ll get full from half.

If you’re hungering for something late at night, don’t you fret. The Ananas Cafe is open every day from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., and 3 a.m. on Saturdays. Come in for a bite or grab take out from either of the two locations, Schaefer Rd. in Dearborn or Ford Rd. in Dearborn Heights.