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Last time Atlas Genius was in Michigan, the band had to deal with excessive rain that caused “miniature lakes in front of the stages,” according to lead singer Keith Jeffery. Mo-Pop was only this past July, but the band will be back this week.

This time, the group takes their set to the Magic Bag in Ferndale.

Since their stop for the summer festival, Atlas Genius’ second studio album Inanimate Objects was released, adding more songs into the band’s lineup that has been growing since the debut of the song “Trojans” in 2011.

“You never really know how a song is going to feel live until you actually go out and do it,” Jeffery said of performing new music.

So far, the new music has gotten a great reaction from audiences with a great energy during shows. Even after playing all summer, Jeffery still enthusiastically speaks of the energy coming from fans at his shows.

Fans can expect to hear the new track “A Perfect End” during this tour, as Jeffery cites it as being a song that he really likes when asked about his favorites to play live, among other new music from August’s release.

Check out Atlas Genius live Thursday, Sept. 24. Tickets are available at