BY OLEA HOKES, Guest Writer

Be Aware
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On Sept. 15, it was reported that a sexual assault had taken place at Oakland University. The student, in a casual encounter, had become the victim of a sex crime. Even though the victim reported this incident anonymously, they refused to file any charges. It’s reported that the victim went alone to meet an unknown person.

The University of Michigan wants to assure that each and every student is fully aware of such dangers.  In an effort to prevent this, we ask you take note of the following tips:

The Do’s:

Always have your keys and phone in hand before you exit the building, especially at night.

Program the Campus Police number for speed dial: 313-593-5333, as well as 911.

There is strength in numbers, so always try to leave within a crowd.

Look around to make sure no one has tampered with your car and always check the back seat or hatch.

If you see something suspicious or someone lingering around your car, slow down turn around as if you left something and go back inside for help.

Once inside of your vehicle immediately lock your door and be ready to pull off.

Report any incident, no matter how small, to the police.

The Don’ts:

Don’t be fully engaged in a phone call while walking to your car.

Don’t be too busy looking for or fidgeting with your keys.

Don’t auto-lock your car door until you are there.

Don’t invite anyone you don’t know in.

Don’t assume that you are not in any danger.

Don’t be afraid to be afraid.
Lastly, be aware of your internal senses; your gut will never do you wrong.