(Ricky Lindsay/MJ)

By JULIANNE SAAD, Guest Writer

(Ricky Lindsay/MJ)
(Ricky Lindsay/MJ)

As a way to welcome new and returning students to UM-Dearborn, student leaders ran information stations around various locations on campus on Wednesday, Sept. 9 in order to provide students with information relevant to the university and its many organizations.

According to Valerie Zaleski, a supply chain management major and volunteer at the event, the goal of the information stations was to “reach out to students to get them more involved.”

Students had the chance to visit various tables, which handed out fliers, pamphlets, free car decals, and free coffee in an effort to inform students about campus safety, as well as promote different campus organizations.

Megan Singh, a senior psychology major and volunteer at the event, summarized the goal of the information stations as an outlet to give students an opportunity to find out about more ways to get involved on campus.

“Campus is full of commuters, so I wanted to be able to make students aware of all the great things to do on campus, rather than just coming to class and going right home,” Singh said.

For more information about how to get involved on campus, visit the website for the Office of Student Engagement at https://umdearborn.edu/studentengagement/.