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By CHASIDY HALL, Guest Writer

Classic Nick shows have gotten a lot of buzz as of recent. Young adults who grew up in the ‘90s miss the excitement of waking up on Saturday morning and eating a bowl of cereal while watching their favorite Nick programs.

If you were one of those kids, you will be happy to hear that Nickelodeon is in talks of developing a new channel called “The Splat,” which will be devoted to showing all the classic Nick shows 24/7.

According to E! Online, the twitter account @thesplat slowly hints upon the premiere of this brand new network. It teases their followers with short vine clips of popular cartoons, which include “Rocket Power,” “The Rugrats,” “CatDog” and “Rocko’s Modern Life,” just to name a few. The page also features memes using various other shows. In addition to their twitter page, they also added a brand new YouTube channel in which they created a trailer about what viewers can expect .

The current Teen Nick channel already features some of these shows every night. With this new channel, there will be way more programming and it will not be limited to a small number of shows.

The possibilities are endless! There have been many discussions online with fans who wish that there was a way to put all the programs that they love in one place, and it seems to be coming true after all.

USA Today reports that The Splat will premiere in October of this year.