By AISHA NADEEM, Staff Writer 

Last year I had a section called “Beauty Tips by Aisha,” but this year I wanted to try something everyone can relate to. As a student in college, we walk past many fellow students each day and don’t think twice. I think it’s time to share our short stories, poems or any moments of experience that make us more than just students here. Each person has a story and something to share, so where’s a better place to find out than our diverse university? Stories from bad cooking to financial struggles and everything in between matter. You never know how a small piece of advice or a little inspiration can change someone’s day. It’s the small daily things that bring us together so let’s start off with those!

I’ll start off by simply sharing my experience here. The University of Michigan-Dearborn is the third university I’ve attended since I graduated from high school in 2011. I first attended Oakland University, then moved to Singapore for a year and attended a university there, and have now been here for two years. I’m glad to say this was the right university to finally settle in and hopefully I’ll be graduating from here. I was a little nervous and a little tired of re-adjusting, but I found my place here right away. This university is different because it’s like a huge, close-knit family! Not to mention how the diversity brings even more excitement to everyday life. I’ve noticed many of the students here are more down to earth, accepting and open. I’ve traveled and experienced enough to know how important it is to be surrounded by people like that. There are so many different cultures, goals and dreams, and people of different backgrounds come together to want the same thing — success and good memories along the way. That’s why I think no matter who you are, in some way you’ll find your place if you try. It’s like each person I meet surprises me with their experiences, hopes and dreams. I’ve had a good experience so far and I hope for more in the semesters to come.

This is why I wanted to start this section; so everyone could get a little of what I experienced here!

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