By JULIA KASSEM, Staff Writer

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On Monday, Sept. 14, students gathered in Kochoff B for the Third Annual Unity Reception. In just an hour and a half, a presentation heralding the contribution of intercultural, ethnic and social clubs brought returning students, freshmen and even distance learners together to understand the different avenues of involvement and network building amongst many communities on campus.

Neeshel Dullabh, an international student said that the Unity Reception allowed him to meet fellow students.

“Though I was not able to make the whole presentation, I got to meet a few students and look forward to furthering my studies through community involvement,” Neeshel Dullabh, an international student that found his attendance at the Unity Reception brief yet very helpful.

The sense of diversity on UM-Dearborn’s intercultural campus is complemented by the university’s sizable exchange student and international learning community. Attending school amongst an equally diverse American student body, international students found a lot of commonality with UM-Dearborn’s Michiganders through cultural student organizations.

The reception also exposed freshmen to the concept of student involvement.

One freshman remarked that attending the presentation allowed her to “explore different options and get involved,” something she found hard to do on campus her first few weeks.

Dexter Overall, the coordinator for Diversity Programs said that the Unity Reception serves as an example of diversity initiatives that the Office of Student Engagement has set forth.

“This event also introduces the campus to the various diversity programs and initiatives that the OSE will be offering for the upcoming semester,” Overall said.

For any student interested in obtaining more information on student involvement, clubs or workshops offered by various student organizations or the Office of Student Engagement, visit the office in 2136 University Center or call (313) 593-5390.